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Nov. 2nd, 2012 11:57 pm
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It's time for the Unpopular 'friends cut' Post. I hate the term. I'm not cutting people; I'm cutting online pseuds I no longer connect with people. I hope that much is obvious!
My flist has grown to a crazy number of 154(!) mutual friends, and as I go through the names, I'm realising I haven't interacted with certain people in forever - if ever. Much as I appreciate the sentiment of someone with similar interests putting me on their radar, I don't see the point anymore. And please be ensured that even if I defriended you, I still value your opinion and the exchange with you, e.g. in comms. Sometimes interaction in neutral environments is all we want, no?

But my journal is my notepad, and I want to feel I know every single person who might (theoretically) be reading my entries. So I'm cutting people I no longer feel close to or I feel aren't interested anyway. [Or who simply haven't given a sign of life for years..] Please don't be offended! This is, of course, also the moment for you to defriend me if you've had enough of me.

If you feel I cut you and shouldn't have, tell me now ;) But I believe that friending business is mostly a mutual sentiment anyway.


And THANK YOU [ profile] tsuvi, [ profile] asya_ana and [ profile] hollys_tree for the v-gifts! ♥ I almost feel like I went to 'trick or treat' this year ...


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