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Alice in Slaughterhouse ([personal profile] mijeli) wrote2009-05-08 01:12 am
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'sticky post' (that's not sticky)

Dear Humans,

This journal is friends only, because I want to know whom I share my oddities with. Feel free to add me, though! I love to make new acquaintances, and if we have something in common, I'll add you back.
You don't have to "ask" of course, but I'd appreciate it if you left a comment here to let me know how you found me and why you think we should exchange our thoughts.

My journal basically consists of metal, show reviews, music or art recommendations, fangirling, stupidity, awesome photos, endless elaborations, odd views on the world, and my obtrusive everyday philosophy. I'm always in for deep conversations, if only sparked by another mundane rant observation. My world is immature and wise.  If that doesn't deter you, come in!

If you're looking for my fan art or writing, I never post it in this journal, but it generally resides in the respective communities. The links are here, in my memories.

So for now, I myself leave you with Mr. White Rabbit, but that doesn't mean you can't take your time.


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